Walter, you are THE Man! That’s an amazing result. Thank you so much for your service and professional guidance. It’s very clear that your knowledge and expertise were critical in arriving at this conclusion! Please use me as a reference. I’d be more than happy to speak to any tentative client you may have and explain just how superior your service really is, and how you have vastly exceeded my expectations. 

Chris B.

Walter, we are THRILLED with that result! Good job! Thank you so much for your work on our behalf. 

Dave M.

This is fabulous! I thought the best achievable outcome was to hopefully freeze the rate the Tax Assessors office had set at $616,000 for 3 years. I am more than pleased with the result. Thank you so much for representing my wife and me.

David T.

Thank you so much for the information and your work on our appeal – you accomplished much more in this than we were able to do over 2 appeals. We are extremely pleased with your results.

Deborah W.

This is excellent news indeed! Please count us among your many satisfied clients and we will look forward to recommending you to others in the future.

Susan C.