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We handle all aspects of your appeal, including attending your hearing. Your appeal should result in your new assessment [pursuant to OCGA 48-5-299(c)] being frozen for 3 years – the year appealed plus two more years!!

The fee for this personalized service for filing or taking over an appeal to the Board of Equalization is $350 plus 25% of your first year’s tax savings. You keep 75% of your first year’s savings and 100% for the second and third years.

CPTP is a tax appraisal, analysis, and forecasting firm providing an end-to-end service for commercial & residential property real estate owners. We are a seasoned and dynamic team of professionals with a history of success and decades of combined experience to serve you.

We provide a complete tax appeal program for residential property owners to significantly reduce their taxes. Services include filing the appeal, building the case, conducting negotiations with the assessor, and attending hearings. We can also take over an appeal that you have already filed. And, although it is rarely necessary, we can assist you in filing an appeal to the Superior Court.