Walter H. Hotz, Attorney

I handle all aspects of your appeal, including doing your hearing for you. The way I do your appeal should result in your new assessment [pursuant to OCGA 48-5-299(c)] being frozen for 3 years – the year appealed plus two more years!! Freezing the result that I obtain for you for 3 years, allows you to effectively dollar average your property taxes.


I represent you to reduce your real estate property taxes

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Former GE lead trial attorney, Property Tax expert for Georgia Senators

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My fees for an administrative appeal differ from an appeal to the Superior Court

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The fee for this personalized service for filing or taking over an appeal to the Board of Equalization is $350 plus 25% of your first year’s tax savings. You keep 75% of your first year’s savings and 100% for the second and third years.

A little background – previously, I was a lead national trial attorney for General Electric (for 25 years), litigating for GE all over the Eastern United States. But, since 2007, I have specialized in one very focused legal field  property tax appeals. I have negotiated settlements with Boards of Tax Assessors, been in countless Board of Equalization hearings and litigated property tax appeals in the Superior Court.

I can help you with your property taxes. I can file your property tax appeal for you – take over an appeal that you filed – and, although it is rarely necessary, I can file an appeal for you to the Superior Court.

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        What wonderful news! Thank you so much for representing us, and we are most pleased with the result. Without your help I’m not sure we would have fared so well, so we are most appreciative, and will certianly recommend you if any neighbors need legal assistance with their assessment.
        Todd S.


        Thank you so much for the information and your work on our appeal – you accomplished much more in this than we were able to do over 2 appeals. We are extremely pleased with your results.
        Deborah W.