BOE Signup Confirmation

Thank you for signing up with me – we are good to go.

During the appeal process, I may ask you a question or two regarding your property’s amenities and condition so that I will have a complete understanding of your property and I may ask you to take a picture or two for me. Other than that, you do not need to do anything in preparation for the appeal nor do you need to attend the hearing. I will do everything for you. You may or may not get something in the mail from the Board of Tax Assessors and/or the Board of Equalization. If you receive anything from the BOTA or the BOE, please scan it and send it to me.

I have sent you a welcome email with additional information about how I will do your appeal, and what I will be doing for you in the process. Please take a moment to review that email.

Thanks again for choosing me to represent you – I will do my best.

Walter H. Hotz
Hotz Legal, LLC